Using BioHacking to improve your health

Using BioHacking to improve your health

To live better, certainly, but in the best conditions, such is the challenge that Humanity is about to take up. Facing the limits of modern medicine, more and more people are turning to BioHacking to improve their health and optimize their performance. Discover the concrete practices and methods to implement in your daily life to “hack” your health too.

What is BioHacking?


BioHacking is a concept based on the way to hijack the biological system to improve your health, boost your brain’s productivity and prolong your life. To do this, the BioHacker creates favourable conditions to improve the functioning of his body. He follows his needs and desires. He sets up a real way of life, a process of continuous improvement and personal fulfilment. He then becomes responsible for his health and well-being by intervening on his own biology.

Prolonging life, an obsession of the human race since the dawn of time


Man is the only being on Earth to have asked himself the existential question of immortality. He has been intelligent enough to ask himself this question and above all intelligent enough to answer it. Unwilling to face the aging of the body and the anguish of death, Man then became interested in ways to prolong life. Over the centuries, different strategies have been developed.

First of all, Man relied on religion to transmit the message that life does not end with death, but continues in an afterlife or in a reincarnation in another form.

Then, theories like Horace were built around not the human being alone, but around a more global project for the community. “Non Omnis Moriar” (I will not die completely). He considers that there must be something left of our passage on Earth. It is not a question of personal success, but rather of the elevation of the human race.

Finally, the third strategy attacks the root of evil, the human being himself. It is then a question of transforming the human being in order to grant him a prolonged life and especially of better quality.
The human being cannot be satisfied with living his life, without going further. He aspires to the Absolute, to live better and longer. He no longer wants to die. He no longer wants to grow old and decides to put science at the service of the realization of his project. The objective of overcoming death seems ambitious, a little crazy, but remains obsessive.

It is clear that human beings are indeed destined to live longer and better lives, provided they can hack their biology.

Know your body better, the basis of bio hacking

In order to better optimize one’s body and its functioning, one must first know one’s biology well. The BioHacker gives his body what it needs. By knowing his body, he learns to live in balance with it. No need for advanced medical knowledge. All you need to do is collect your body data with the right tools: scales, connected watch, tools to analyze your sleep, body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate. Take the time to analyze your feelings, your abilities, your failures. All areas of your body and mind can be hacked: improvement of sleep, concentration, nutrition, motivation.   

The expected results of BioHacking


Once BioHacking is implemented in your daily life, the results are numerous and obvious. BioHacking directly affects your body and your intellectual capacities:

  • Decreased stress
  • Improvement of your mood
  • Weight loss
  • Improvement of sleep quality
  • Decreased pain and inflammation
  • Improved performance and productivity of the body and brain
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Achievement of personal and professional goals


Tools to hack your health and push the limits of your performance

BioHacking must be considered holistically. The techniques are based on different pillars: nutrition, sport, regeneration, state of mind, stress control, concentration and energy, and food supplements. It is recommended to test and gradually integrate these measures into your daily life for a better final integration.

  • Diet is one of the criteria that most affects our body and brain. Foods must be carefully selected to provide a source of energy for our metabolism. Biohackers emphasize the importance of digestion, the harm of industrial sugars and the benefits of vegetables and seeds.
  • Healthy and restful sleep is one of the foundations of being in shape. A bad night’s sleep affects your day, your appetite (your body needs to compensate), your memory and your motivation.
  • Sport. In the logic of BioHacking, the objective is not to sculpt a dream body, but rather to be in shape through regular training and stretching to improve mobility.
  • Plant extracts have been used for thousands of years by humans to optimize their health. The therapeutic effects are numerous.

With this method, you become the actor of your own change, your personal motivational coach, with the unceasing desire to surpass yourself. The BioHacker is aware that every action has an impact on his life.   

Small everyday hacks for a better life


Here is a small, non-exhaustive list of small hacks that you can adopt in your daily life to start biohacking:

  • Meditation
  • Cold thermogenesis by taking a cold shower in the morning to activate fat burning and improve the immune system
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Paleo or keto diets that consist of cutting out starchy foods, grains and sugar in favor of foods rich in good fats and proteins
  • Glasses with blue light filters for a better sleep and protection of the retina
  • Sleep optimization
  • Taking nutritional supplements
  • A walk in the open air to ensure a good dose of sun and daylight
  • A digital detox
  • Gratitude journaling to record the things you are grateful for
  • Socializing and belonging to a community
  • Incorporating nose breathing exercises
  • Sauna sessions


BioHacking drifts: when BioHacking goes too far

Some BioHackers decide to hack their body to optimize their bodily and cognitive functions. To do so, they use processes that are often controversial, including the modification of their DNA, the installation of implants and RFID chips to store information or excessive consumption of drugs (antidepressants, nootropic substances or hormonal drugs). Some health extremists are pushing the experiment to the point of taking reckless risks by breaking away from patents and traditional medicine.

Hacking your health is like entering a virtuous circle. You eat better, you sleep better, you are selective in the information you receive. All of this leads to a gain in energy and better concentration which translates into a generalized well-being.

However, don’t forget that life is a gift and that you must live it in such a way that you won’t regret anything at the end of the journey. Enjoying every moment of your life is the key to a happy and fulfilling life.
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Credits photos: Unsplash, Pexels.

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