Give a break to your oganism body

Dear Golden Care Members, How does your body feel since you got back to work? Do you feel heavy or bloated?  The last few weeks when you snacked between the TV and the fridge and ate at unusual times will not have helped your digestive system. Your body is now feeling the consequences, because it […]

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Do not forget your breakfast!

Dear Golden Care Members,   How are you doing as you “return to normal life”?   The last few weeks at home have probably given you the opportunity to devote precious time to a very important part of your day: breakfast!   This week the return to our daily routines has begun but that does not mean you […]

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Keep in shape!

  Dear Golden Care Members,  How’s your body?   Are you able to stay in shape despite the many hours spent sitting on your chair or the many hours spent lying on the couch watching TV or reading, without any physical activity?   And yes, the change in our daily routines has subconsciously forced our body to […]

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Happy Labour Day! Happy Lily of the Valley Day!

Dear Golden Care Members,  Our team would like to wish you a happy Labour Day!   How will you celebrate it this year?  Because of the current situation our relationship with work is not the same as it was previously.   And yet, let’s not forget it! This holiday is to honour all workers. It’s an annual, international holiday celebrating workers.   Up until this day, it has been honoured in many countries, but do we really know the […]

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