How do you deal with an accident or illness when on holiday abroad?

An accident or illness in the middle of your holiday can quickly become a real headache for both your organisation and your budget. Between the cost of medical care, the language barrier and the lack of reference points, travellers who have not taken out international health insurance before going on holiday abroad are often at a loss. It’s important to know what to do in the event of a medical emergency and to take the necessary steps to obtain fast, effective medical assistance. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can minimise the risks and get the help you need in the event of a medical emergency abroad.


The high cost of healthcare abroad

Medical care, especially hospital treatment, can be extremely expensive in certain destinations. The bill for a broken arm in Miami can run into tens of thousands of euros. An insurance or assistance policy will be more than necessary to cover reimbursement of medical expenses incurred and repatriation in the event of a medical emergency abroad.

There are two flexible options to ensure that you are covered for the right amount of money at the right time:

TravelCover Schengen for worry-free travel in Europe to the Schengen area.
TravelCover Worldwide for worry-free travel throughout the world outside your country of residence.


Health procedures before travelling abroad

Before going abroad, you need to take certain steps to prepare for any eventuality. First of all, check vaccination requirements, which vary depending on the destination country. Check the health conditions and health risks associated with each country. Finally, take out an assistance contract with a good level of insurance cover, to avoid having to bear any very high health costs.


Step 1: take out international health insurance before you leave

Far from being just an option to tick, international health insurance is an essential step for travellers going abroad. You will not be safe from an accident, a visit to the doctor or hospitalisation. So it’s best to be cautious and take out an insurance policy to make sure you’re well covered during your trip.

Depending on your policy, international health insurance will :

  • cover very expensive medical treatment abroad
  • be at your side in the event of emergency care, accident, illness, hospitalisation or medical transport.
  • cover non-emergency medical expenses such as consultations with a doctor, laboratory tests, medicines and dental treatment.
  • cover the cost of repatriation to your country of residence
  • organise an emergency evacuation to transport you to an appropriate medical facility.
  • help you find a local doctor


What should you do in the event of illness or accident?

Your first reflex should be to contact your assistance service to report the incident and obtain help. Your insurance company will guide you through the process. It will be able to refer you to an appropriate doctor or medical establishment, organise emergency evacuation or cover medical expenses. It will put in place the appropriate logistics for better follow-up and will support you throughout this ordeal.

Remember to keep a copy of all your medical documents

It is important to keep a copy of all your medical documents, including medical reports, invoices and prescriptions. These documents may be necessary to obtain reimbursement from your international health insurance.


What guarantees does an effective insurance policy provide?

Opting for travel insurance allows you to leave with peace of mind. To choose the right insurance, take the time to identify your needs and consider the reimbursement amounts and deductibles applicable.

To ask an advisor for help and take out the policy best suited to your needs:

An effective assistance contract covers :

  • medical expenses such as GP and specialist consultations, laboratory and radiology services
  • ambulance transport to the nearest hospital
  • the purchase of prescription drugs
  • hospitalisation
  • evacuation, repatriation and payment for medical transport
  • civil liability if you cause damage to a third party

The amount of your travel insurance premium varies according to a number of criteria, such as your age, your destination, the length of your stay and the maximum reimbursement amount for medical and hospitalisation expenses.

Choosing Golden Care health insurance is a guarantee that you will travel with peace of mind and benefit from the best medical care throughout the world.

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